Slovenians, the punk rock powerhouse from Brussels, has been blasting through the scene since 2012. With their explosive punk rock infused with feisty doses of stoner and blues, they’ve carved a unique space in the modern punk scene.

Their debut EP ‘Frankie Goes To Ljubljana,’ released in December 2014, represented their first foray into professional studio recording. Featuring tracks like ‘I’m Not Batman’ and ‘Babysitter,’ it quickly caught the attention of the underground rock community in Brussels and was picked up by several alternative radio stations.

In December 2016, Slovenians returned to Studio Six to record ‘Al Dente,’ a 13-track album released in June 2017.  This album with tracks like ‘Dirty Mind’, ‘Slave’ and ‘Not Afraid’ not only strengthened their reputation for producing energetic and engaging music but also brought international attention through alternative and punk web radios, ‘Al Dente’ expanded their listener base worldwide.

Tragically, in July 2017, just one month after the release of their album ‘Al Dente’, lead guitarist Sinkesh Krištofik was fatally injured in an accident, plunging the band’s future into doubt.

Rallying in the face of adversity, they welcomed a new lead guitarist, a long-time friend, who brought fresh vigor to the group. This rejuvenation was evident as they returned to the stage, more electrifying than ever.

During the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic in December 2020, Slovenians seized the forced hiatus from live performances as a chance to record and release a new EP called ‘Sinners’ in memory of Sin(kesh). They also produced a video for ‘Negative Influence’ in their favorite hangout bar, capturing the raw spirit of their music and their connection with the local scene.

Each performance of Slovenians is a testament to their journey – a blend of raw energy, passion, and a magnetic stage presence that turns each show into a memorable experience. Slovenians aren’t just a band; they’re a live phenomenon, a testament to the enduring power and appeal of punk rock.

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Label: P.O.G.O. Records


Logan – Vox

Félix – Guitar

Ben – Guitar, Back Voc.

Guillaume – Bass, Back Voc.

Laurent – Drums