About us

It’s with great sadness and a heavy heart that we have to share the tragic news that our brother, friend and guitarist Sinkesh Krištofik has recently passed away.
All our deepest thoughts go to his family and friends.


Quick update: Check out the “Dates” page, we aren’t done yet.


SLOVENIANS is a punk rock garage band from Brussels, Belgium active since July 2014. It’s current members straight out of the Croatian, Swiss and Belgian punk rock skateboarding scene are bound together by their insatiable love for things that go fast, play loud and party hard!
The band’s compositions are mostly inspired by Punk Rock bands like The Dead Kennedy’s, The New Bomb Turks and Old School Hardcore Punk bands like Minor Threat. This with a nice touch of 60’s/70’s Rock ’n Roll, Blues, Surf and Garage Rock influences that definitely makes Slovenians stand out.

Their first EP « Frankie Goes To Ljubljana » was recorded in December 2014 in Studio Six from which the tracks ‘I’m Not Batman’ and ‘Babysitter’ can often be heard in some of the best alternative DJ sets in Brussels and underground web radio’s.

After two years of discharging their energetic SloPunk’ Rocking sound all around Belgium Slovenians decided it was time to return to the studio to record a new 13 tracks album Al Dente which came out in June 2017 in digital and CD format.

Web : slovenians.be
Facebook : facebook.com/slovenians
Bandcamp: slovenians.bandcamp.com
Contact : sloveniansbxl@gmail.com


Logan – Vox

Félix – Guitarrr

Ben – Guitarrr, Back Voc.

Red Keff – Basss

Laurent – Drums